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Blended Malt (Pure Malt) Scotch Whisky

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What is a Blended/Pure Malt (Vatted) Scotch Whisky?

A Blended Malt is defined as Scotch Whisky that is produced only from malted barley, but is a blend of Single Malts from more than one distillery in Scotland. It will contain a number of malt whiskies that have been skilfully blended together or "married," to create a consistent whisky with its own distinct, identifiable character. It will never contain any grain whisky. This type of malt whisky was previously also described as a ‘Pure Malt’ (in that it only contained malt whisky) or ‘Vatted Malt’ (as the final flavour profile was the result of the ‘vatting’ of various malts) but the Scotch Whisky Regulation 2009 was introduced to codify industry practice and settled on the Blended Malt designation.


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