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Scotch Whisky Bars of Distinction Around The World

The Whisky Bar Kuala Lumpur
- Specialist Scotch Whisky Bar -
The Whisky Bar Kuala Lumpur Logo
The Whisky Bar Kuala Lumpur
No. 44 & 46, Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 2143 2268 • Fax: +603 2145 1375 • Email:

“Sporting a British black and gold exterior and a classical interior with leather seats on the inside” FACES

“The first thing you notice as you walk into this elegant outlet is the great wall of whisky bottles behind the name it, and the Whisky Bar probably has it…” Michael Cheang, The Star

“The name says it all…The Whisky Bar has a fairly wide collection of more than 200 labels…” Yeni Chan, Juice Online

“…every single label stocked by The Whisky Bar is available by the glass, making it more affordable for those who in the past, may have been deterred by the hefty price tag that often comes attached to a decent bottle of whisky…” Lee Yang Ching, KLUE

“We might’ve died and gone to Scot heaven, or we might’ve just ended up at this aptly-named bar…If there ever were a whisky haven, The Whisky Bar would certainly qualify as one. The bar is set to become one of the country’s largest dedicated whisky bars…They’ve also got some precious hard-to-find whiskeys...” Amresh Jessy, New Man

“My prediction: The Whisky Bar is not only masculine in its interior, but also will pull in the men after their workday for shots of single malt and blended whisky. Women can have some fun, too, with a choice of three Whisky Flights, which are five whiskies by the glass served in a dainty wooden box…marks a perfect ending for my night out!” Anusha K., New Straits Times

“…lend[s] a touch of maturity to the chronically hip and trendy Changkat Bukit Bintang…very earthy feel, with wooden floors and plush leather lounge seating, and a booth or two for those looking for a little privacy… Jacqueline Toyad, The Edge

“The Whisky Bar is - as one would expect - for the more gentrified and laid back crowd; more about relaxing than partying and frankly, it’s a totally welcome concept along a street that shouts more than converses. We love it and find ourselves having Sinatra moments before the Rat Pack sets out for the night of mayhem.” Time Out

“When you need a sense of dignity and decorum in your world, try The Whisky Bar, it’s a rare treat in the city centre.” Sam Coleman, Expatriate Lifestyle


The Whisky Bar Kuala Lumpur Logo

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