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Suppliers to the Scotch Whisky Industry

Aceo Ltd
- Bulk Scotch Whisky Supplies, Logistics and Bottling -
Aceo Limited

Tel: +44 (0)1452 762024 • Fax: +44 (0)1452 762037
Email: • Web:
Aceo Ltd, The Old Stables, Hillside Farm, Rodley, Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, GL14 1QZ, UK

Aceo Ltd is a well-established supplier of cask Scotch whisky and related distillery services to the Scotch whisky industry. The company supplies single malt whisky, grain whisky and blends. It is also a UK WOWGR registered company and an HM Customs & Excise Duty Representative, with its own UK Bond Movement Guarantee. Aceo Ltd is a member of the Scotch Whisky Association and supports Drinkaware, the UK-based campaign that promotes responsible drinking.


Aceo Ltd has strong links with the major whisky producers and has its own considerable stock of cask whisky lying in bonded warehouses throughout Scotland. It offers the full range of Scotch whisky including single malt, grain, vatted and blended products. The company supplies distilleries and leading independent whisky bottlers in the UK and overseas. The company also has a cask storage facility in which it holds its own and some of its customers’ casks for further maturation and re-racking operations and other distillery services including the supply of samples, regauges and cask care and management.


Cask & Bulk Whisky Transportation

Aceo Ltd provides a transportation service, moving casks from distillery warehouses to bottling halls and carries out disgorge operations putting whisky into plastic drums, IBCs and ISO tankers for shipping overseas. The company uses its UK Bond Movement Guarantee to allow it to move duty suspended whisky between bonded warehouses in the UK (and overseas) and bottling locations.

Bottled/Cased Whisky Transportation

Aceo Ltd arranges the shipping of bottled/cased whisky on pallets using leading transport companies that specialise in the transportation of Scotch whisky. Within the permitted Scotch Whisky Association rules and regulations the company assists its customers with the exportation and shipping of whisky and provides Certificates of Age and Origination.


Aceo Ltd offers a full bottling service – from start to finish – including:

  • supplying cask whisky
  • transporting casks to bottling halls (factories)
  • designing and supplying labels, caps, corkstoppers, cartons and other packaging material
  • shipping the finished bottled/cased whisky products

The company’s experience allows it to offer advice and support to whisky bottlers and work closely with its customers on branding and production of bespoke whisky products.

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