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Suppliers to the Scotch Whisky Industry

William Croxson & Son Ltd.
Bottle Manufacturer -

Croxsons  logo

Alpha Place, Garth Road, Morden, Surrey, UK, SM4 4LX
Tel +44 (0)208 337 2945 | Fax +44 (0)208 337 6783

William Croxson & Son Ltd, established 1872, has been the cornerstone for many spirit companies in the UK and for over 35 years in the international market. We have great experience within the whisky and spirit markets including designing bottles for Plymouth Gin and Williams & Humberts The Port House. We recently have expanded our range of spirit bottles through the acquisition of a UK Supplier, and we are excited by the prospects that this enlargement offers.

With the acquisition Croxsons are now offering a larger range of Bespoke moulds which are available to use all over the world. The Spirit range that is offered is now very extensive ranging from 4cl to 5L bottles. Croxsons also own a number of their own moulds ranging from the unusual and unique Eagle Bottle to standard Spirit bottles.

Whisky bottle 1
Alford Whisky bottle
whisky bottle 2
Glenmonarch Whisky Bottle
Through agreements with various manufacturers Croxsons are able to produce a new mould set to your design for quantities as low as 30,000 in a range of various colours from White Flint through to Blue and Black. With in house designers Croxsons offer a tailor made conception to delivery service. Croxsons also has the in house capability to manage the whole project from start to finish, from design to bottle filling, with one point of contact throughout the whole process.

Whilst Croxsons is known for glass packaging, Croxsons is also able to provide a total packaging solution through offering Aluminium ROPP (all sizes), Polylaminate and PVC Shrink Capsules, Natural and Synthetic Bar Top Stopper Corks, PVC Shrink Sleeves and Pre Forms but to name a few.

Why settle for mediocrity, when with Croxsons you have a unique approach to business that offers not only excellence in product but also in service. As the leading independent UK supplier in the glass container packaging industry, we believe that quality products and service are paramount to the way that we conduct business.

Excellence, integrity and reliability are quality ingredients that we strive after, believing that they are foundational to our future and all our business transactions.

To review our extensive range of glass containers and closures, email us with an enquiry, or please contact:

Eagle Whisky Bottle
William Croxson and Son Ltd.
Alpha Place, Garth Road,
Morden, Surrey, UK,
Tel: +44 (0)208 337 2945
Fax: +44 (0)208 337 6783

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